Solid Waste & Recycling

Contact Information for Service Provider

                Phone: 1-877-786-7537

Contact Information for City
                Public Services Department: 859-647-5416


Holiday Schedule

No collections will be made on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day.  Waste and recycling service shall occur as scheduled on all other holidays as applicable.

In years when Christmas Day and New Year’s Day falls on a regular collection day, the remaining collection day(s) that week will be delayed by one day.

Setting Up Service

Contact Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537


Rumpke is responsible for billing and bills each customer individually.

Drop-Off Recycling Center

A drop-off recycling center is conveniently located in the front parking area of our Public Services Maintenance Facility, 7850 Tanners Lane (across from Goodwill) and is accessible 24 hours a day/7 days a week.

Acceptable recycling items include:

  • Plastic bottles and jugs
  • Glass bottles and jars
  • Aluminum cans
  • Steel cans and lids
  • Paperboard (like cereal boxes)
  • Cardboard
  • Office paper
  • Envelopes and junk mail
  • Newspapers, magazines and inserts
  • Telephone books and catalogs
  • Cartons
  • Large appliances are accepted for recycling during regular business hours only (M-F 7:00 a.m. – 3:30 p.m.)

Exclusive Franchise Information

The City of Florence puts out to bid an exclusive franchise to collect, transport and dispose of all solid waste and recycling in City limits.  This process locks in long term competitive rates for the customer and decreases traffic and wear and tear on City streets from refuse trucks.  This also allows the City to get involved with any service problems and ensure a satisfactory result is obtained.


Fees & Charges

Solid Waste Service

The rate for residential trash service, one curbside pickup per week, is $6.00 per month. One 96 gallon tote for garbage collection is provided to each household by Rumpke at no additional cost as part of this service. Additional totes can be rented from Rumpke for $2.00 per month per tote. Please contact Rumpke for commercial and industrial rates.

Recycling Service

A voluntary residential subscription recycling program is also available. The rate for residential recycling service, one curbside pickup per week, is $4.00 per month. One 65 gallon tote for recycling collection is provided to each participating household by Rumpke at no additional cost as part of the service. Additional totes can be rented from Rumpke for $2.00 per month per tote.  Residential curbside pickup occurs on the same day as your trash pickup.

Service Schedule

Refer to Garbage and Recycling Schedule for residential curbside pickup day.

Yard Waste

All types of yard waste are also acceptable.  Yard waste can be bagged or bundled not to exceed 75 pounds per bag or bundle.  Large pieces of brush and limbs should be bundled and tied, and should not exceed 4 feet long by 2 feet wide.  As a general rule, no individual limbs should exceed 6 inches in diameter.

Annual Leaf Pickup Program

Each Fall the Public Services Department provides pickup of leaves throughout most residential neighborhoods in the City on three scheduled days. For program details and dates your street will be serviced please refer to the most current Leaf Collection Schedule.

Large Items

Large items are accepted throughout the year during all garbage pickups.  If you have any large items to place at the curb for collection, you must contact Rumpke at 1-877-786-7537 prior to the pickup so the driver is properly prepared.

Refrigerators, air conditioning units, or other similar cooling devices are acceptable for collection provided the freon is extracted by a heating/cooling professional, who will place an approval sticker on the item.  According to the law, such items without this sticker cannot be picked up by Rumpke.  This law is in effect to prevent the escape of ozone-depleting chemicals (CFC’s) into the atmosphere.

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW)

Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) is leftover household products that contain corrosive, toxic, ignitable or reactive ingredients and require special attention when being discarded.

The three most commonly found HHW items in the home are paint, used motor oil and antifreeze.  Other commonly found HHW items are batteries, fire extinguishers, gasoline, household cleaners, pesticides, prescription drugs, propane tanks, solvents and used tires.

For HHW disposal methods, resource guide and recycling and collection events please visit

Christmas Tree Recycling

Following each holiday season, Public Services runs snow routes to pick up natural Christmas trees curbside for recycling.  A drop-off location is also established in the City.  The trees are then mulched.

Spring Cleanup Week / Fall Cleanup Week

Each Spring and Fall a week is scheduled for Florence residents and business owners to bring items from their own seasonal cleaning to the Public Services Maintenance Facility at 7850 Tanners Lane (across from Goodwill) for free disposal.

Click the following link for Spring Cleanup Week 2019 details:  April 29 - May 5


Fees & Charges

Solid Waste & Recycling Service

Commercial rates are based on the size of the container and frequency of pick up.  Click the following link for the base rates: Rumpke Commercial Rates

Fuel Surcharge

A fuel surcharge may be implemented by Rumpke based on the average weekly fuel cost per gallon.  The surcharge amount will be determined annually and remain in place for twelve (12) months.  Any increase or decrease in fuel surcharges will begin the first day of April each year.

There is no fuel surcharge for the current twelve (12) month period (April 1, 2019 - March 31, 2020).  Click the following link for fuel surcharge amounts: Fuel Surcharge Amounts

Service Schedule

Commercial containers can be serviced up to 6 times a week depending on customers need.