Public Services


Why can't I post a yard sale, real estate or other temporary sign along streets and roads?

How long can a vehicle be parked on a city street without being moved?

When is my street scheduled for leaf pickup?

What day is my garbage & recycling picked up on?

What is the cost of garbage & recycling service?

Why as a business do I have to use Rumpke?

Can the City of Florence establish a handicap parking space on the street in front of a home?

Why do I need an encroachment permit?

I need to know where the City's sanitary sewers are?

What causes a sanitary sewer backup?

Should I call my insurance company?

What will the city do when a backup occurs?

If there is a sewer backup what should I do?

What is my role as a homeowner?

What is a Watershed?

Where does the storm water go after it drains into the storm drain?