Vial of Life

Vial of Life

 The Vial of Life was designed as a way to make needed medical information available to emergency personnel when they arrive at your home in a crisis.

The Vial of Life is a small plastic container that contains a printed form on which to record vital medical information. Fill out your medical information as completely as possible, so that ambulance personnel will have all the information that they need to give you the best possible care.

Roll the form and place into the Vial of Life with the lid secured. Place in an obvious place in your refrigerator. Place the Vial of Life magnet on the front of your refrigerator. Everyone has a refrigerator and ambulance personnel will know to check one place for your life-saving medical information.
Vial of Life containers and Vial of Life magnets are available at Florence Fire/EMS Headquarters, 1152 Weaver Road. Call 859-647-5660 if you have questions.

Explnation of Vial of Life Form Questions:

Normal Blood Pressure: is the average blood pressure that is normal for you after being taken three times.

Medications and Dosages: Names of medications are most important, dosage is helpful information. We are unable to identify by sight, you must name them.

Where are Medications Kept: For example: the kitchen cabinet by the microwave, the medicine cabinet in the hall bath, or on the dresser in the master bedroom.

Allergies: We need to know if you are allergic to any medicine at all.

Hospital Preference: We try to comply with your wishes, however, at times we may have to transport you to an alternate hospital.

Person or persons to call if you are ill/injured: We refer to this as “emergency contacts”.

Other special health information: Past surgeries, special needs.