The Administrative Section of Florence Fire/EMS is under the command of Asst. Chief John Black.  This section consist of the administrative assistants/secretaries, Fire Marshal, and EMS Captain.  The Administrative Section carries out the business and regulatory duties of the fire/EMS department and is responsible for performing and conducting: 

  • Supervision of the Fire Prevention and Public Education Division
  • Supervision of the EMS Division
  • Fleet procurement and maintenance
  • Equipment and supply procurement
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Management of promotional processes
For additional information, please contact Asst. Chief John Black

The Fire Prevention Division is under the command of Battalion Chief/Fire Marshal Kevin Vogelpohl. Those areas of responsibilities falling under this division include:

  •  Annual inspection for fire and life safety code compliance of over 2,800 commercial and multi-family buildings
  • Enforcement of the city ordinances related to fire and life safety
  • Representing the Fire/EMS Department on the City Code Enforcement Board
  • Managing fire prevention/public education activities
  • Providing departmental staff with training on fire and life safety codes
  • Works with local and state officials in plan review and inspection of new and renovated commercial construction
In addition to these duties, the Fire Marshal is also a member of Fire Investigation Team. For additional information, please contact Fire Marshal Kevin Vogelpohl

Emergency Medical Services Division

The Emergency Medical Services Division  is under the command of Captain Eric Siemer.  The EMS Division is responsible for preforming and conducting: 

  • EMS Oversight
  • EMS Training and recertification
  • EMS record compliance
  • Procurement of EMS supplies and medications
  • EMS Quality Assurance/Quality Improvment
  • EMS Billing
For additional information, please contact Captain Eric Siemer


The Operations Section of Florence Fire/EMS is under the command of Asst. Bill Allen.  This section consists of 61 sworn firefighters and officers that protect the city and surrounding fire district. Each of our 3 shifts consist of 19 personnel from three stations throughout our response district.  Those 19 personnel staff 1-engine, 1-rescue/engine, 1-(77') quint, 1-(95') aerial platform, 3 ALS ambulances and 1 battalion chief's vehicle each day.  The operations division carries out the daily duties of the fire/EMS department and is responsible for performing and conducting:

  • Direct supervision of the three Battalions of Florence Fire/EMS
  • Direct supervision of the Trainingn Division
  • Fire suppression
  • EMS response
  • Hazardous Materials response and mitigation
  • Technical Rescue/Special Operations Response
In addition to these duites, Asst. Chief Allen also manages the Fire Investigationprogram. For additional information, please contact Asst. Chief Bill Allen


The Training Division of the Florence Fire /EMS Department is under the supervision of Battalion Chief Troy Webster.  As a department, 10,000 plus training hours are completed per year on average.  The  Training Division is responsible for the following :

  • Weekly delivery of  fire/EMS training for each of the (3) shifts of the department
  • Coordinates with EMS Captain to provide EMS continuing education for EMTs and Paramedics 
  • Providing recruit orientation for new members of the department
  • Ensuring that members receive the proper training to maintain various certifications required to perform their duties
  • Maintaining training records for each member of the department
  • Health and Wellness of the members
  • Department Safety Officer
For additional information, please contact Battalion Chief Troy Webster