Publication of Bid Solicitations & Enacted Ordinances


Pursuant to HB 487 enacted during the 2018 regular session of the Kentucky Legislature, the City places all bid solicitations, enacted ordinances and audits on this page of the website to meet legal publishing requirements.
Audit Publications

2018 FINANCIAL AUDIT REPORT                   Legal Ad Posted December 6, 2018                                             
Current Bid Solicitations

 Bid/RFP Title  Due Date Ad  Specifications
 Aero Pump Station Generator Upgrade Project  2-14-19   January 31,2019              
 Materials Bid-Aggregates, Asphalt, Concrete, Crackseal Material, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Vehicular Fluids and Miscellaneous Supplies, Water Meters, Waterline Supplies, Mulch, and ADA Warning Surfaces  2-14-19   January 31, 2019  
 Lawn Care  2-14-19 January 31, 2019  
 Gunpowder Pointe Street Improvement Project  2-21-19 February 7, 2019  
 Connector Drive Sidewalk Improvement Project  2-21-19 February 7, 2019  
 Northfield Drive Area St. Improvement  2-21-19 February 7, 2019  
 Commercial/Public Street Striping and Markings  2-21-19 February 7, 2019  
 Lincoln Woods Playground Resurfacing  2-21-19 February 7, 2019  
 Curtis Avenue Storm Sewer Improvement  2-21-19 February 7, 2019    
 Interior Renovation of Florence Government Center  2-28-19 February 14, 2019  
Enacted Ordinances

Ordinances enacted by Florence City Council, beginning August 23, 2018, are listed below and will remain listed for a minimum of one (1) year. 
Enacted Ordinance Summary Full Ordinance Date Posted
 An Ordinance relating to the levying of a Tax Upon Real Estate and Personal Property in the City of Florence, Kentucky; Levying a tax on all franchises taxable within the City of Florence, Kentucky; Specifying payment dates, discounts and penalties for the franchise tax on financial institutions measured by the deposits in the institutions located within the City: and levying a Special Tax for the payment of current service costs for Police and Firemen in the County Employees Retirement System. (2018)  Ordinance O-10-18 September 5, 2018 
 An Ordinance annexing certain territory consisting of a parcel of approximately 0.271 acres located west of the intersection of W. Dilcrest and N. Dilcrest, adjacent to the City Limits. (Thomas Stith Property) Ordinance O-12-18   November 8, 2018 
  An Ordinance annexing certain territory consisting of a parcel of approximately 14.86 acres located on the east side of Gunpowder Road, South of U.S. 42, adjacent to the City Limits. (Schroder/Dryden/Inskeep Property)  Ordinance O-11-18  

Exhibit A
January 23, 2019 
An Ordinance Adopting and Approving a Zoning Map Amendment from Suburban Residential One (SR-1) to Public Facilties (PF) for a 14.86 Acre site located on the East Side of Gunpowder Road, South of U.S. 42, Adjacent to the City Limits, to allow Memory Care Assisted Living and Senior Housing. (Berling/Dryden Property) Ordinance O-1-19

Exhibit A

Exhibit B
January 22, 2019
 An Ordinance of the City of Florence, Kentucky, amending the budget for the 2018-2019 Fiscal Year of the City. (Amendment #1) Ordinance O-2-19  

Exhibit A
January 29, 2019 
 An Ordinance relating to Personnel; Amending Ordinance No. O-18-18 relating to Personnel Policies, Job Descriptions, Authorized Positions and the Pay Plan Ordinance O-3-19

Exhibit A  

Exhibit B

Exhibit C
January 29, 2019 
An Ordinance relating to fees and charges to e paid by users of the City Waterworks System, Sanitary Sewer System, and Storm Sewer System Ordinance O-4-19  
Inactive/Prior Bid Solicitations

Bid Solicitations are archived for a minimum of one year after their closing date. 
BID/RFP Title Due Date Date Posted
Banklick Street STorm Sewer Improvement Project  10-4-18   9-20-18 
Cayton Detention Basin Improvement Project  10-4-18    9-20-18 
Rescue Pumper Fire Apparatus  10-4-18   9-20/18
Type III Ambulance 10-18-18  9-27-18
CPR Compression Devices 10-18-18  9-27-18
Kentaboo Park Construction 11-08-18  10-18-18
Florence Office Building A Roof Top Unit Replacement Project 11-21-18   11-08-18
Utility Body Bid 11-21-18    11-08-18 

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