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Welcome to the Administrative Department of the City of Florence, Kentucky. The Administrative Department is responsible for the day-to-day management of city government, setting operational goals and implementing legislative actions and policy decisions approved by the Mayor and City Council. Our objective is to ensure the efficient, professional, and cost effective delivery of public services. The Administrative Department is made up of the City Coordinator, the Business/Community Development Director, and the City Clerk. The City Coordinator, as chief administrative officer of the city, is appointed by and reports to the Mayor. The City Coordinator has direct oversight over all city departments and provides direction to all departments to ensure they are meeting the goals of the city. In addition, the Administrative Department takes the lead role in economic and community development initiatives of the City of Florence.


The mission of the City of Florence is to provide the highest quality of life for the people in our community in innovative ways by being the best in all we do.


Honesty – Be trustworthy in all dealings; speak the truth; tell people what you expect and give feedback as honestly as possible.

Respect – Follow the golden rule; show respect for all people; treat all citizens and coworkers justly and with dignity regardless of social status or position.

Cooperation – Make open communication, positive attitude, and true teamwork the standard ways of working together; speak and listen to understand each other and act to serve each other without complaint.

Competence – Commit to excellence; keep job knowledge current and provide the best possible service for our citizens.

Integrity – Be above reproach; set a model by being and doing what we expect of others; always live and lead by our core city values.


City Coordinator

Alex Mattingly


Director, Business & Community Development
Joshua Hunt


City Clerk



Florence City Administration
Florence Government Center
8100 Ewing Boulevard
Florence, KY 41042

Phone: (859) 647-8177

Administrative Hours
8:30AM - 5:00PM



City of Florence, KY
8100 Ewing Blvd.•Florence, KY 41042•Ph: 859.371.5491•Fax: 859.647.5411
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