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Administrative Division

    The Administrative Division, under the command of Captain Tom Grau, is comprised of the Criminal Investigations Unit, the Crime Scene Unit, the Community Relations Unit and our office staff. Along with the units, the division is responsible for day to day office operations, equipment and purchasing, media relations, accreditation, statistical reporting and analysis, and grant management. The division also prepares monthly and annual reports for the department and elected leaders.

Criminal Investigation Unit
    The Criminal Investigations Unit is comprised of 8 officers, supervised by Sergeant Jeff Mallery. The unit is responsible for investigating criminal cases received from patrol. The unit investigates a wide variety of cases, from criminal mischief, to robberies, to assaults. Six investigators are assigned to handle these cases. Additionally, one investigator is assigned to the DEA Task Force in the Cincinnati Field Office. This task force focuses on large scale drug investigations that involve the tri-state and occasionally beyond.

Crime Scene Unit
    The Crime Scene Unit was established in 1993. Sergeant Craig Burris supervises a team of three officers assigned to this unit. Each of the officers is assigned to another full-time position in addition to his or her crime scene duties. The officers receive extensive training in the recognition, collection, preservation and processing of evidence at a crime scene. These officers are called upon to assist investigators in using modern methods of collecting and processing evidence to reconstruct serious crime scenes.

Community Resource Unit
    Our Community Resource Officers (CRO’s) are often the face of the department. Under the supervision of Sergeant Craig Burris, the CRO’s work on a wide range of community related programs and projects. The officers teach DARE (Drug Abuse Resistance Education) in our grade schools, provide crime prevention information, conduct citizen and youth academies, and are often asked to address local community groups. The officers also assist in investigating cases of domestic violence. Another visible unit within Community Resources is our Volunteers in Policing Unit. This unit assists the department in many of our community events. These dedicated volunteers provide thousands of hours of service each year in areas such as Community Nights Out, fingerprinting, group meetings, and other crime prevention activities.

Office Staff
    A critical component of the police department is our office staff. These four administrative professionals are most often the first contact a visitor to the department has. They handle numerous phone and email inquiries along with a host of other administrative duties. Report and evidence management, statistics, court and training schedules, and crime analysis are a few of their major responsibilities. They provide a valuable service in most aspects of the operation of the department.

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